you cannot motorboat with a lady skeleton
the plasma of its debut
I fell in love with Helen Keller
the invisible benefactor
the warm nuclei of collapsing time
mrs. vinson's mistletoe
the aldebaran trail
phyllis sykes & the ruckus
ukelele landing
3 vignettes: moses/april/leftovers
agent ouija
the alabama lawlords
zombie znowman
the iron boy
controllable schizolysis
diane's vermilion lips
Veronica Afterlife
skyloma institute
metallic theologians
the sunketeers
natural histories of the North
liquor chronicles
the stoplights of apocalypse
the giant oarfish of peace
she sips
the lupins of utopia
the hiddens
sunshine rungs
oily painkillers
eyes of angel divine
the plasmas of lhasa
moebius eternity
gigolo wings
ariel of the index page
desiree battalion
idea in scaffolding
noodle UFO
firestorm afternoon
Anna Lemma
freewriting Vermeer
permanent record
morlock luck
the elsinore fugue
Jack the Rippersaur
a season for losing leaves
my apology
3 tricky poems
the contrails
Monkspisse Vintners
night in Vitsyebsk
Wandering John
fascists of the future
this vimana earth
noumenal nadine
igneous sunbeams
the Finnish line
the geode gods
teenage poetry
human bong/solving for x
silky actresses
beautiful tsunami
tsunami senators
cue the exploding tacos!
a block of random typing
the notochord archives
Melissa Bliss
the suncarrels of college
ancient ratiocination
time slimes up
lipstick lake
dreamslime beach
kirlian orgasm
junkin on the jizzstick
pluto polluted
droplets in the park
the inventors
the pope goes beyond
intense whiskers concentration
small delicious potatoes
pearling in the sunshine
the freckled exits
the sum rises
the big city news
the Williams Vector
peter's retinue
June to October 2004