we swam late onto the motherfuck bus
the mumbling perverts
selling phosphorus to the Arabians

we stumbled onto the motherfuck bus, and
molested the prim grandmas of Vegas

carrying phosphorus to Vegas
to power the bright lights
to power the strip's bright lights
to power the strippers' bright tits

Harbinger ejaculating
Charlie Harbinger spelunking
harbingers of the strippers' blind tits
gleaming in the dark sunglasses of Vegas

a 100 piece sunset
night's kneecaps, busted
by the crowbar of the rockets

the mum perverts rule in the Indian sun
smoking oxygen and harlots
and grandmas with their cyanotic hair
Diane in the cyan sun

one million for the vermilion sun
six million for Diane's vermilion lips
the perverts spiral in oxygen land
as the motherfuck bus leaves without us