this grim parade of sentiment
the common stock of the war department
searching for colored Katie
in this telephone hemisphere

the explosion sleeps in the heart of the bomb

time sleeps in alien lanes
time sleeps in the toilet
time wakes for no one
not even Ymir

colored Katie
the only woman I ever loved
Georgina hemispheres, underwear Nebraska
glorifies jurisprudence

from when the universe was warm

Mary Ellen Megaphone
Georgia sleeps between the rows
figures in the figurine shrouds
the common chant of the matching documents

I should have been
the sole provider of entertainment
on a distant planetoid

Houston snooze and switch
but still won't sit still, twitch
panic at the temple switch

the quantum bomb
don't even need no detonator
antoine detonates
the sunset
sunset seeps
from the heart of the bomb
primordial sunset
from when space itself was one
the big bang reincarnates
thanks, Antoine!
but not even his ghost can hear me now

sunset detonates
beyond jelly curtain
colored Katie and me
roll for hemispheres