a dream of distant pipes
to and from Baku
250 miles by crow from Nakhchivan
also called Themanin, the first city built
after the great flood of Noah
70 miles SE of Ararat, so they wandered awhile
they wandered, now boatless, in a moist and muddy world
full of dead and rotting things

according to the Talmud, Og of Bashan
forebear of the Nephilim
(there were giants in the earth, in those days
even after the flood!)
survived by clinging to the outside of the ark
(though the Midrash suggests there was a special compartment in the ark
built just for him; perhaps the Nephilim were a "species" preserved by Noah...
if so, there must've been a Mrs. Og!)

what they don't tell you is that Og helped Noah and his family
in those muddy first post-diluvian days
for some reason these adventures didn't make it into the Dead Sea Scrolls
or perhaps they were in fragments lost from the Book of Giants,
of which only fragments remain

now, the Book of Enoch says they were 450 feet high
that's a lotta giant! Interestingly enough, the ark was exactly 450 feet long.
300 cubits (1.5 feet to a cubit). So
it could very well be that Og reclined in the keel, dozing
and came out when he finally felt the bump of Ararat in his spine

(He would have to bust out, though...one hopes he was good enough
to wait for Noah's dove telegram)