These newest songs were composed in 2010 with the latest version of Music Maker:

Vanessa Overspace
Dramatic Movie Trailer Music
Elements (the "So Green" mix)

I made these songs in 2000, in Music Maker, a program that lets you mix and match existing loops to build a song. Easy, quick and fun.

Skylab | Watch the video on YouTube
Amorphous Grace

These songs are from the album "Bob", which I did in early 1991. They're all really raw and loose and full of mistakes, just the way I like it.

Painted Like This
Untitled Love
The Andromeda Approach
The Nestle's Theme
Baghdad In Spring
The Rain Falls On Everyone

These songs were composed at various times from 1989-1993.

Charlie Zulasky
Goosebumps (Utrecht Mix)

This song I did in 1998 or so. The samples are from Curse Of The Cat People.

Irena Walks The Night